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The Grief Train: A healing journey of love, loss and renewal

The Grief Train: A Healing Journey Through Loss and Renewal is a book of solace and inspiration for people who experience the death of a loved one.

In our current culture, there is a deep discomfort with death and dying that people don’t want to talk about our own mortality, and yet – grief seems to be in the zeitgeist. Sheryl Sandberg’s, Option B, and many other books on grief and loss have been on the bestseller list. Joyce Maynard recently released a book about the loss of her husband.

Why are these books so popular? Our culture doesn’t really give people a way to express or acknowledge their grief. These books are also popular because Baby Boomers are experiencing the loss of parents, friends, spouses, siblings and children. People who experience the death of a loved one crave emotional support and ways to work through their grief and loss. That’s what The Grief Train does. It provides a gentle, spiritual, non-religious approach to grief that is different from any other book out there.

The book shares the story of my husband’s sudden death and my five-year journey through grief to a place of healing. The book offers spiritual and emotional support for those who find themselves grieving a loved one, especially people who don’t have a traditional or formal way to address their grief. The healing process in The Grief Train is based on universal spiritual principles. It reassures readers that there is no “right way” or “wrong way” to experience grief. You never know when The Grief Train will stop at their station, however they can be ready and accepting when it arrives.

The inspiration to write The Grief Train came from the blog I started after my husband’s death. I continued blogging for 5 years. After the first year, I started sharing my blog with others who had experienced a loss and they found it so helpful and hopeful. The book includes blog entries, my personal history, and the insights I gained by researching the grieving process.